Surrey Community Recycling Centres

There are some further changes to the operating of the Surrey Community Recycling Centres.  Details of the charges are available here.


Annual Assembly Meeting Presentation

The presentation given at the Annual Assembly meeting on 27th April 2017 are available here:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Hankley Common Activity

The MOD 24 Hour Ops Room which covers the whole of the South East is  01420 483405.  This is the number which you should have no hesitation using if out and about on Hankley and you encounter anything suspicious or untoward.

Waverley Housing Department Information


Please  find attached new map illustrating Waverley Borough Councils current Housing Service’s Rent Account Officers and Tenancy and Estates Officers by area.  The Rent Accounts Team – are responsible for charging and collecting rent and service charges.  The Tenancy and Estates Team - ensure tenancy conditions are met, supporting tenants and delivering community development opportunities and are likely to be your first port of call when seeking advice. The map is available here.


Parish Council Email Communications

Unfortunately due to an IT issue, the email contact information for the Parish Council distribution list has been lost.  Please note that these details have been lost electronically due to a hardware malfunction, not physically so there is no cause for concern that the details can be accessed by third parties.
So that the Parish Council may continue to provide you with information regarding activities and other points of interest in the parish, we would like to build a new list of people who would like to receive updates. 
If you would like to be included on the Parish Council email distribution list to receive Parish updates and information,  please could you send an email to: confirming that you wish to receive future notifications.
By sending an email to this address, the Clerk will add you onto the distribution list that will be used for Parish Council notifications only.  It will not be used for any other purpose or shared with third parties.  Emails will be sent as BCC so your details will not be visible to other people receiving the information.
Please note that even if you have previously received updates from the Parish Council, you do need to re-register for inclusion on the new list.

Housing Needs Survey Report

The Housing Needs Survey report which was undertaken by Surrey Community Action and presented at the Annual Assembly meeting is available here.

Neighbourhood Watch

Jacqueline Chrismas and Alan Johnson are the new Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators in Thursley.  If you would like to receive updates and information from them, please email them and request that you be added to the Neighbourhood Watch Communication list:

SSE Priority Services Register

We all rely on electricity in our daily lives, but for some a power cut can be particularly distressing and difficult. SSE offer extra help and priority treatment during a power cut to vulnerable residents. All their priority services are free.

You are eligible to join our Priority Services Register if you:
a) Are dependent on electricity for home medical care,for example a kidneydialysis machine.
b) Have a chronic illness or short term medical condition; for example you are recovering from a major operation.
c) Are disabled.
d) Have special communication needs; for example because you are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing.
e) Have a young baby.
f) Receive a state pension.

If you would like to register for the service or know of someone who is eligible, please find more information available here.

Firewise Scheme

Firewise presents an exciting opportunity for Thursley to work with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service in what is the first such collaboration of its kind in the UK. The preventative measures taken by Thursley residents will not only help to protect themselves and their properties, but will additionally assist the members of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service with the challenges they face in the event of a wildfire. The most recent Firewise newsletter is available here.